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How to Plan Your Way to an Amazing Life & a Business That Pays for It All, and Then Some

Lots of passion and hard work aren't enough to get you where you want to be in your business.

You've got to know what to do, in the right order, to reach your goals. You have to have to build a strong, solid foundation under your business, too.

Have you ever walked into your office, looked at your to-do list and thought, "This just isn't working. No matter what I do"? or "This isn't what I wanted when I went into business"?

If your business is flat-lining or struggling to grow, if you're running it like you're cramming for exams, or if you've gotten way to comfortable with the status quo but want more then it's time to to do things differently.

The truth about business planning

Can you really expect your clients to put 100% of themselves into planning if they know you don't have one for your own business? Enough is enough!

You also can't continue running your business by working at all hours of the night...often through the weekend...getting little rest. For sure, that wasn't your goal when you went independent!

Stop running your business reactively. It's time to stop acting like a firefighter who is putting out daily business fires!

Find Out About a Dynamic Planning System That Helps You Organize Your Business Around Your Life

Crack the code to earning more money, while still preserving your life.

Depending on which statistical report you read, between 11-13% of advisors and planners have a plan for the growth of their own firms. Even fewer have a succession plan.

Chances are that you're part of the majority of advisors who don't have a plan. Yet you do expect your clients to implement the plan you help them create. You might even get a bit frustrated when they don't reach a goal that they helped set on their plan. Right?

I expect that you don't have a plan because you don't need a 50 page plan. You may be thinking that having a plan in your head is having a plan or you may have created a humungous plan and it was too much to execute.

Now I've taught programs at a college on the 50 page version of a plan and the only reason someone attended the program was because they needed funding for their business. Once they received that funding, the plan became a dust collector and NOT a tool for growth. That's not the plan or system you need.

Today I use a much simpler business planning process -- an internationally renowned system -- for you to use daily to grow your practice into a firm. The plan and a host of other duplicatable processes are part of my Excel Planning System.

It's More Than Planning

One of the skills that turns advisors into top advisors involves a major mindset changes from first creating a job for themselves, to practicing being in business, to running and managing a firm (the size of their choosing). This is the only way you'll create a business that supports the amazing life you've been dreaming of leading.

If you want next-level income, things have to change and now is a perfect time to turn things around.

"Maria's cogent, incisive advice during the Planning for More Profit workshop was well-grounded and clearly delivered, allowing participants to actively use the content as a true catalyst of positive change."
Kenneth F. Peshkin, J.D., Financial Service Representative, Grand Central Financial Group, an Office of MetLife, New York, NY

"During the Planning for More Profit (One Page Plan) workshop, Maria convinced me that a business plan does not need to have multiple pages and that, in fact, a 1-page plan can be even more effective!"
Jeff Birnbaum, Financial Planner, CFP®, EA On Point Financial, New York, NY

"Maria introduced succinct, practical methods for running a successful business."
Michael Tartaglia, Future Financial Planner, New York, NY

Some truths about planning

Key Services

Below are some of the results you can gain by having a simpler plan:

Be a mentor to your clients by creating a plan, too. Having a plan -- that holistically takes into consideration your life and your business -- will also help set your firm or department apart from your competition and help you focus on taking action on things that are most important to the growth of your firm. Click here for more information on the one-page process our advisors-owner clients use to grow their firms.

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"Maria, I got so much more out of your introduction to business planning program than I have gotten from multiple hours of reading and attending seminars on the subject."
Monica Barnard, APA, CEBS
Barnard & Associates

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