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Business And Marketing Plan

Growing RIAs, Investment Advisors, Financial Planners & Brokers

Your client's financial success comes from acting on a plan you create with them. So how come you don't have a plan for your success?

Introducing a cloud-based business and marketing planning that includes a performance management solution, too.

Depending on which statistical report you read, between 11-13% of advisors and planners have a plan for the growth of their own firms. Even fewer have a succession plan. Yet top advisors, at some point in their careers, decide it's time to create a plan.

Chances are that you're part of the majority of advisors who don't have a plan. Yet you do expect your clients to implement the plan you help them create. You might even get a bit frustrated when they don't reach a goal that they helped set on their plan. Right?

I expect that you don't have a plan because you don't need a 50 page plan. You may be thinking that having a plan in your head is having a plan or you may have created a humungous plan and it was too much to execute.

Now I've taught programs at a college on the 50 page version of a plan and the only reason someone attended the program was because they needed funding for their business. Once they received that funding, the plan became a dust collector and NOT a tool for growth.

Then in 2000, I found a much simpler plan -- a globally renowned system -- for my clients to use daily to grow your practice.

If your business is struggling to grow, if you run your firm reactively, or if you've gotten way to comfortable with the status quo and you're ready to fast-track your success in the next 12-24 months, then do I have the perfect plan for you!

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Below are some of the results you can gain by taking action on a plan you create in the cloud:

Be a mentor to your clients by creating a plan, too. Having a plan -- that holistically takes into consideration your life and your business -- will also help set your firm or department apart from your competition and help you focus on taking action on things that are most important to the growth of your firm. Click here for more information on the one-page process our advisors-owner clients use to grow their firms.

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"Maria, I got so much more out of your introduction to business planning program than I have gotten from multiple hours of reading and attending seminars on the subject."
Monica Barnard, APA, CEBS
Barnard & Associates (Monica attended the BootCamp after attending the planning intro).

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