Could Your Firm Benefit From Implementing a Results-Based System?

Whether you are a financial advisor, planner, small business owner, a CEO leading in a large complex organization, or part of the executive team, your plan can be created in one weekend (or the equivalent) in a quick and stress-free way.

Plan Development

Your One Page Business Plan" is a proven business tool that uniquely links FIVE important business concepts: business planning, marketing, strategy, accountability and execution. It's SIMPLE and it works because:

Online Performance Management Enterprise System

One of the most neglected aspects of a business plan is the failure to execute the plan daily and monitor the plan weekly. Reviews leads to action, change,and growth. Our management dashboard gives you a quick visual overview of how your plan lives up to real-world results.

Compare past performance with your target and actuals. Keep track of your action plans anywhere you (or your staff) have an Internet connection. It's all online for you (or any of your team) to review.

One Page Business Plan

Who Has It?

Over the years, I've helped many financial advisors, small business owners, executives, and nonprofits create their plans. The One Page Business Plan process has been used by more than 250,000 companies -- of all sizes -- including:

Here's what leading financial industry executives say about The One Page Business Plan®:

"It is too easy to get wrapped up in the market and lose perspective -- you are in business for yourself. For the last ten years I've had a One Page Business Plan to stay focused. Wow! What a great tool!"
-- Ralph Miljanich, Sr. VP, Morgan Stanley
"The One Page Business Plan® uniquely simplifies the complex. It motivates, focuses and inspires - all on one page. The user friendly format makes this a necessary tool for any financial professional who wants to build a successful business."
-- Ryan Beck, Executive VP, AXA Advisors, LLC
"As a banker, I love The One Page Business Plan. I know the potential business owner is serious, committed, and professional. This is truly a break-through in business planning!"
-- Jerry Rickets, VP Scotts Valley Bank

A System For Your Office

Often, when I create a plan for the CEO, and they start using it, they like the system so much, they ask me to conduct group planning sessions so that each of their staff has a focused plan to execute, too. Sometimes, I start an engagement with a client by creating a month long process to create their plan and the plan on 10 key staff personals. Here's what you'll see when we create plans for you and your team.

One Page Business and Marketing Plan

A Flexible System

The methodology is used by CEOs, solo-practitioners, executives, department or division managers, and team members to create:

Track the results of every key objective

Each Objective has a Scorecard. The system uniquely links plans and performance reporting in a very simple, yet highly effective manner. Just click on any objective and create a One Page Scorecard. The scorecard shows actuals, budget, forecast and last year actual, both graphically and quantitatively.

Track the Status of a Critical Initiative or Project

Every Action Plan has a Progress Report that will never get lost in the mail! For each action plan, create and monitor its progress. As long as you're by a computer, you can review a plan or update it.

Total Accountability - Status of Every Plan at a Glance

Learn how each manager is executing their plan in a click of your mouse. Click on their name and display their plan, scorecard and progress report. This feature facilitates the quick assessment of monthly, quarterly and year-to-date results and progress.

Business Scorecard

What's Next?

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