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How Would You Answer These 6 Questions?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, it's time to get hyper-focused on result$ -- achievable with our comprehensive results-based planning process that fits on just one page. It's powered by our Ideal Client Mastery Program and The One Page Business Plan®

The Bottom Line

I send you a Welcome Kit with a CD and instructions on what to do BEFORE we meet. Yes, you'll have about 5 hours of pre-Boot Camp work. Two hours worth can be done in your car or by listening to your Ipad. This is going to be some of the most important and introspective work you've done for your business -- to date. I cannot do this work for you or with you. This is YOUR business and who you work with is YOUR choice. You'll be reading and then doing the exercises in my Ideal Client Profile Mastery Program. You send me the completed exercises with at least the first 4 steps done at least two days before the Boot Camp because I have work to do on it next!

On the first planning day, we'll both get on our computers, meet at my place in Poulsbo, WA, or meet at a place you designate. (Travel fee may apply)

When we meet we'll spend 1-2 hours brainstorming, bantering, and questioning your ICP exercises. We'll take your ICP to the next level, segmenting your client base, and talk bit little about marketing strategies now. I'll give you a bit of homework to do on your own the following week.

We'll take breaks every few hours. We can have a working lunch or not; your choice. You sit back as I create the plan with your words and my fingers typing away. Be forewarned. Get ready to answer a ton of questions. And then get ready to for me to ask you more questions to further clarify your answers until you're crystal clear about "everything" important. I am going to purposely question a lot of what you're telling me. Why? First, because it will help me create your plan. But more important, the clearer you are, the more you don't have to sell. Instead you'll talk to people about the results your services can provide. You'll also breath better, a result our clients tell us about often as they confidently run their growing business.

I'll be creating your plan while you watch. The end result will be your business development and marketing plan, completed. It's an all in one plan. It will be on one page.

Set aside a weekend. And before the weekend, set aside 5 hours.

Here are the three time frames of plans we work with clients to create:

"Reduce your plan to writing. The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire."
--Napoleon Hill

Compare Our 3 Programs

General Descriptions

"Do Your Vision" on a F.R.EE Virtual Seminar
Your business vision statement sets the tone of your business plan. Answering 8 important questions about your business will yield your COMPLETE Business Vision Statement before the class ends. Learn the #1 vision statement secret that attracts more and better clients, regardless of the state of the economy. Sign up for the next Business Vision Program.

"Do It In A Day" Virtually or In Person Group Program
Create your entire business plan, on one page, when you invest in this program. As you develop your roadmap to success, you'll avoid costly mistakes, gain new insights, focus on different possibilities, and act to achieve the RESULTS you want -- FASTER than you ever thought possible. Attend a one or two-day intensive workshop in person, or virtually via Skype, webinar or conference line. Participants create a solid draft of their plan. Bring this workshop to your firm! Train your team, staff, board of directors, and peers. Savor sweet success as your entire team quickly grasps our NO B.S. methodology. Ask Maria to customize a program at your location for the best value! Sign up for the next Business & Marketing Group Program. OR attend the workshop live in Poulsbo, WA

VIP "Done For You" Plan In a Weekend 1:1 Private Sessions
I sit with you in person, or we talk using Skype or the phone. During the week or on the weekends, I'll nudge your plan out of you! We'll get it done. I ask you lots of clarifying questions and write your business plan for you. Together, we'll create a final version of your company, practice, or department plan. Your plan is then placed online in our private & secure Performance Management System for you to monitor weekly. Your investment depends on the number of people involved, services requested, yearly sales, etc.

Menu of Products & Services

Build a Bigger, Better Business Plan

Silver Gold Platinum VIP

Do Your Vision

Done In a Day

Done For You**

Duration 40 minutes One Day Done Over a Weekend or the Equivalent During The Week

Business Planning

Complete Forms & Assessments
You'll receive our assessments checkmark picture checkmark picture
Welcome Kit
Binder, Workbook, Planning Video & More
checkmark picture checkmark picture
Mastering Your Ideal Client Profile CD
Workbook, Audios, Spreadsheets, Samples, & More -- Do the Exercises & Homework Prior To the Planning Workshop
checkmark picture We will spend up to 2 hours tweaking the answers to the exercises you send me prior to the first call and will also discuss segmenting your client base.checkmark picture
Online Business Plan Software
Print Your Completed Plan in a Word Document
checkmark picture checkmark picture
Performance Management System
One-Year Online Subscription
additional checkmark picture
Planning Consultations
One Hour Until Your Plan Is Complete and Ready To Execute checkmark picture
Business Plan Email Coaching
Unlimited During Planning Process
For 7 Days After The Planning Day checkmark picture
On all Other CDs, Ebooks, Templates
25% 40%
Investment** Free or $47 $1299 per person. Discounts available for more than 1 person per company. $2000 per person for additional 1:1 after the workshop PLUS the Performance Management System $3500-$5000 per person, depending on the number of people involved and your sales.

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**Travel, lodging, and trip to the Olympic Rain Forest, Mt Rainier, and Seattle are recommended but are not included. Request additional information on our programs here

Price for packages is effective January 2013 and is subject to change in the future. These services are available to a limited number of customers per month. New customers are guaranteed my services, at the packaged price you selected, until the end of the Agreement time. Renewals are reviewed and considered on a case by case basis with priority given to current clients over those who are applying to become a customer or customers on our waiting list.

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